07-16 2020

Revolutionizing Packaging with Eco-Friendly Cold Shrinkable Films

Diing Kuen has proposed an effective solution to the challenge of being both environmentally friendly and economically efficient.
At the K Show 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany, Diing Kuen was approached by international raw material suppliers with new recycling-compatible cold shrinkable packaging film PE materials to improve recycling rates, reduce energy consumption and pollution, and reduce waste disposal costs. Diing Kuen designed machines capable of producing eco-friendly cold shrinkable films with a higher precision die and actually produced the finished products to meet the customer's specifications at the exhibition. The audience was taken aback by such a daring move to fully disclose the high quality of the new production process; now, the technology has been successfully put into production and has customers all over the world.
This new packaging material can make industrial packaging flexible, making it suitable for long-distance transportation by sea and land, absorbing the vibration caused by goods collisions, effectively resisting the tilt within 27° caused by road accidents, avoiding the occurrence of tipping and breaking of goods, and ultimately reducing the existing estimated loss costs of nearly 3% during transportation, opening a new chapter in the logistics industry in terms of environmental protection and energy savings.
Diing Kuen specializes in the design and manufacture of custom plastic equipment, and its design concept takes into account the diverse characteristics of the markets where it will be transported in the future. The company not only manufactures equipment to meet general market needs, but also offers professional customization consulting services to meet the properties of the customer's raw materials, unique formulas, and materials from various international markets. Besides that, Diing Kuen can design the equipment based on the raw materials supplied by the customer, and after the final test during the trial run, ensure that the quality requirements of the customer's products are met before shipping, reducing future time spent on re-adjustment at the customer's factory and shortening the cost of production time.
The goal of Diing Kuen is to never let raw materials dictate the machine and to design machines that are not constrained by the properties of raw materials in each region.