08-23 2021

Tailored Multilayer Film Solutions for Various Applications

Films for greenhouses in the Middle East's desert areas, for example, must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow, sandstorms, or strong ultraviolet rays, as well as retain moisture without allowing the dew formed by the moisture to cause light reflection and plant damage. In the case of soil and water protection film for timberland, for example, the bottom layer needs to be highly adhesive to meet the customer's requirements for an anti-slip soil contact surface.
Diing Kuen designs multilayer films for fish farms to avoid water penetration while also matching the ecology of cultured fish (e.g., fish and shrimp excrement and gnawing) to create a smooth and easy-to-clean film.
Stone puncture resistance, tensile strength, water penetration resistance, deformability, and lightweight are all important considerations when designing geotextile products for construction sites. Diing Kuen's custom design of production equipment for a variety of functions results in these high-quality multilayer blown films.
---- Computer control system for accuracy and consistency of the customer's production ----
Computerized precision control of the manufacturing process results in high-quality products. Previously, multilayer blown film production relied on manual correction with a 5% error. Nowadays, for high precision films, the error must be reduced to less than 3% to 2%. Diing Kuen's multilayer blown film machines are outfitted with rotating equipment to ensure uniform thickness of the finished product, as well as a fully automatic thickness control system that uses sensors to measure thickness changes, displays the measurement results in real time via a computerized calculation module, and automatically fine-tunes the results to the set target value at any time. The accuracy of the film is determined by the multilayer lamination process and speed, and computer control can greatly reduce the possibility of air remaining on the processed film.
Diing Kuen's high-end multilayer blown film machines, with the aforementioned formula control and computerized precision control system, are now the popular models of Diing Kuen's overseas exhibitors due to their long production time durability as well as high precision.